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Grand Prix @ Komiks Game Jam 2, Łódź, Poland 2015

Topic: The Worst Superpower

The Ninja Princess has been abducted.

You are a ninja who can become invisible, but only when he screams. Your job is to rescue the Ninja Princess.

- - - - -

Made in 48 hours by:

Paweł Piskorski @CptSub (design, graphics, sound)

Jakub Ziembiński @xkubazz (code)

Filip Wróbel @WrobelFilip (code)

Thanks go to:

Maria, Sos, Spierek, Ret- for organizing this awesome event!

Main theme by Paweł Piskorski and Sos Sosowski. You can listen to it and download it here:


- - - - -


movement – arrows or "wsad"

stealth – scream at your computer (you may need to adjust mic sensitivity) (or cheat by holding "C")

use/skip – spacebar

adjust resolution – "N" and "M"

exit - escape

Install instructions

Download and unzip file. "TheVanishingOfNinjaPrincess.exe" is the way to go.


TheVanishingOfNinjaPrincess.zip 12 MB

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